Circles within CIRCLE

Women’s Circle

Women in the Rainbow Chrysalis Lodge gather once a month on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30pm to support each other in their spiritual growth within the sacred circle.  We sing, dance, engage in ritual, share , and learn together.  Programs are planned by the Women’s Council to support our spiritual development.  In the Spring an initiation is often held for women who were not honored when they became women or for new young women who have had their first Moontime.  This is symbolized by wearing a red sash and the taking of a spiritual woman name.  The Women’s Circle is always open to new members.  The purpose of the Women’s Council is to collect ideas for programs, help facilitate Women’s Circles, encourage participation in both the programs and the ritual activities of the meetings.


Mens Circle

Men gather once a month on the first Thursday at 7pm to support each other in their spiritual growth within the sacred circle.  Through drumming, talking circle, and ceremony men renew their connection with themselves, each other, spirit, and nature.


Grandmother Lodge

Women who are approaching or have reached moon-pause come  together as the Grandmother Lodge to sing, dance, drum, share their lives, and discuss topics of interest to the group.  In the Fall the Grandmothers hold a heart-warming initiation ceremony in which women who have completed their “mothering” in their lives (either of children or careers), symbolically leave that time of life behind and commit themselves to nurturing all that is in the circle of life, receiving a black sash.  Being a Grandmother is not a strictly biological experience, but rather a willingness to assume the wise woman role in the community.  Grandmother Lodge meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 11am to 1pm.


Children's Lodge

The Children's Lodge is an open community of girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 13, their mothers, fathers, or other caring adult sponsors.  The goals of the Children's Lodge are: to provide a safe and loving space within which children can share their experiences and feelings and give voice to their visions and dreams through talking circles, storytelling, drumming, song, dance, sacred craft work, and other forms of creative expression; to enhance independent thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills through exploration of stories and myths from different cultures;  to help develop techniques for centering and self-care; and to provide a nurturing space in which parents and other caring sponsors can examine some of the issues in their lives as parents who are trying to raise children in a conscious and loving way, developing meaningful ways of recognizing significant passages in the lives of their families.  Children's Lodge meets at the Yurt.  Check the calendar for current meeting schedule.


Shamanic Practice Circle

Join the community in shamanic journeying on the first Friday of the month to explore shamanic traditions for personal and community growth and healing. Drawn from an many traditions, this circle serves a growing number of people interested in the power and presence of shamanic practice to bring about greater harmony and balance between the seen and unseen worlds in these prophesied times of important change.


Wisdom Circle

The purpose of the Wisdom Circle is to create a sacred space for all to enjoy an evening of meditation and connection with a group of Star Beings that bring us energy and guidance for our lives.  Men and women come together to receive guidance while entering into a journey of sensations of complete love and awareness of spirit, mind, and body.  This is an opportunity to connect with a group of people on a deeper level, awakening the universal connectedness of all.  The Wisdom Circle creates a renewed, integrated, and energized self.  Wisdom Circle meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm.