CIRCLE Principles

Principles Upon Which CIRCLE is Based


Mission Statement

A Community of Individuals Revisioning and Celebrating Life on Earth is a non-profit educational organization offering programs promoting a holistic view of self in relationship to community and environment as well as a sustainable future for humankind, all our relations, and Earth.  Educational programs are offered by both local and national teachers and include the following areas of study: living in balance with Earth; self-development; healing the body, mind, and spirit; and creative work.  Community programs provide the opportunity for support and celebration of our individual and collective spirits.


CIRCLE Principles

Since the beginning of CIRCLE there are several principles that flow through and guide all our gatherings.


South – Trust

The first of principle is that we need to treat each other and ourselves with love and respect.  We are all souls here on spiritual journeys, which are sometimes difficult and sometimes magnificent.  The compassionate acceptance of all, in both our best and worst moments, provides a foundation of trust on which we can build a loving community. 


West – Introspection

•  The second principle is that when we come into sacred time and space with each other we are asking to grow and become the magnificent beings that we truly are.  That means that we can expect to have our buttons pushed and our old dysfunctional patterns come up for clearing.  It also means that we are mirrors for each other, that is, the things we cannot see in ourselves we will project on to others so we can become more aware of them.  So both the things that annoy you the most as well as the things that you admire the most about others are really about you.


North – Wisdom

•  The third principle is that we each need to take responsibility for ourselves and not for others.  This means that we must say what we want and need and we won’t assume that we know what others want and need.  Being responsible for yourself means that you are willing to speak what is true for you – to be authentic – and being responsible to others means that you are willing to listen to what is true for them.


East – Vision

 The fourth principle is that when we look at others we see them in their magnificence. 

We look beyond the struggles of the physical life to see the spirit which is worthy simply for being, in both ourselves and others.  We are not in competition with each other because we are all unique beings with different journeys – one journey is no more or less important than any other.


Below – Earth

•  The fifth principle is that we can look at our differences as strengths in our community.  While differences often create conflicts, the resolution of those conflicts from a place of love and connection allows us to find new ways to be in good relationship with each other.  Since all outer conflict reflects inner conflict, our individual growth as well as the community is enhanced when we can find solutions which work for everyone involved.


Above – Sky

•  The sixth principle is that whatever is in your experience is of your own creation although not necessarily on a conscious level.  Another way to say this is that nothing is by  chance.  If something is part of your experience then it is there for a reason.  If we can assume that your life is guided then what comes up is there to help you change and grow in some way.  We honor the teachers that are present in every moment of our lives.


Center – Creator

•  The seventh principle is that everything that we do is important.  If we say a prayer each day to honor Earth, our plant and animal relatives, or our human relatives, it directs energy to creating a more peaceful and loving Earth.  If we treat any being with kindness, see and hear others, and care for whatever piece of Earth we find ourselves on, it is one step closer to creating a better place for the children.  For each wound that we struggle to heal within ourselves, we add to the healing of humanity.  For each level of conscious awareness that we are able to live in our lives, we are that much closer to the time of love and light on Earth.  So I celebrate your growth and you celebrate mine and together we will move into a new time.


These seven CIRCLE Principles are guidelines for how we wish to be with each other.  While none of us has mastered these principles, we can remind each other when we forget and help each other clear the old patterns which stand in the way of loving community with ourselves, with each other, and with Earth.