The CIRCLE, Inc (Community of Individuals Revisioning and Celebrating Life on Earth) website is under construction. Please excuse the look of things while we work to bring you a new and better site. Below is a list of the calendar of events for  March through June of 2014.

CIRCLE Calendar

(all events are held in the yurt in Fishers unless otherwise noted)

*     Mar  7   Shaman's Circle  -CANCELED DUE TO COLD
*W  Mar 15 Grandmothers  11am-1pm  (above the garage)
*     Mar 20 Spring Equinox Celebration  7pm (bring a snack to share)
*W  Mar 25 Women's Circle 6:30pm Forgiveness

*     Apr 4  Shamans Circle 7pm
*     Apr 8  Wisdom Circle 7pm
*W  Apr 19 Grandmothers 11am-1pm  (in the yurt)
*W  Apr 22 Women's Circle 6:30pm  Kyiya (completed action) for Prosperity with MaryJo

*     May 1  May Day (Beltane) Celebration 7pm (bring a snack to share)
*     May 2  Shamans Circle  7pm
*     May 13 Wisdom Circle 7pm
*W  May 17 Grandmothers 11am-1pm
*W  May 27 Women's Circle 6:30pm

*     Jun  6  Shamans Circle  7pm
*     Jun 10  Wisdom Circle 7pm
*W  Jun 21  Grandmother Lodge 2-4pm
*      Jun 21 Summer Solstice Celebration 4-7pm (bring a dish to pass)
*W  Jun 24  Women's Circle 6:30 pm





For more information on any events or directions please call 585-924-5620 or email circleincoffice@aol.com.