The CIRCLE, Inc (Community of Individuals Revisioning and Celebrating Life on Earth) welcomes you to our new website!  Check out the pages that describe how CIRCLE came to be and the various Circles within CIRCLE as well as the principles by which we operate.  Below is a list of the calendar of events through December of 2015.


CIRCLE Calendar

(all events are held in the yurt in Fishers unless otherwise noted)

*W Apr 28 Womens Circle 6:30-8pm Women of all ages welcome

*    May 1  Beltane – May Day Celebration   7pm bring a snack to share.

*    May 12  Wisdom Circle 7pm

*W  May 16  Grandmother Lodge 11am-1pm in the yurt

     May 22  Set up for yard sale workers needed between 2pm and 5pm

     May 23  Yard Sale, yurt cleaning, and pot luck picnic at 1pm – workers needed 8am -?

*W  May 26 Womens Circle 6:30-8pm

*     June 5  Shamans Circle 7pm

*     June 9  Wisdom Circle  7pm

*W  June 20 Grandmother Lodge 11am-1pm in the yurt

*     June 21  Summer Solstice  4-7pm, bring a dish to pass

*W June 23  Womens Circle 6:30-8pm

*     July 14  Wisdom Circle  7pm

*W July 18  Grandmother Lodge 11am-1pm in the yurt

*W July 28  Womens Circle 6:30-8pm

*     Aug 7   Shamans Circle 7pm

*     Aug 11  Wisdom Circle 7pm

*W  Aug 15 Grandmother Lodge  11am-1pm in the yurt

*W  Aug 25 Womens Circle 6:30-8pm

*    Sept 4  Shamans Circle 7pm

*    Sept 8  Wisdom Circle 7pm

*W Sept 19 Grandmother Lodge 11am-1pm in the yurt

*    Sept 22  Fall Equinox 7pm  Bring snacks to share

*W Sept 29  Womens Circle 6:30-8pm  Note this is the 5th Tuesday

*    Oct 2   Shamans Circle 7pm

*    Oct 13 Wisdom Circle 7pm

*W Oct 17 Grandmothers Lodge 11am-1pm

*W Oct 27 Womens Circle 6:30-8pm

*    Oct 31 Hallowmas  4-7pm  Bring a dish to pass

*   Nov 6  Shamans Circle 7pm

*   Nov 10 Wisdom Circle  7pm

*W Nov 21 Grandmother Lodge 11am-1pm

*W Nov 24 Womens Circle 6:30-8pm

*    Dec 4  Shamans Circle 7pm

*    Dec 8  Wisdom Circle  7pm

*   Dec 21  Winter Solstice 7pm  Bring a snack to share

*W Dec 22  Women's Circle 6:30-8pm

* donation only  W women only

For more information on any events or directions please call 585-924-5620 or email circleincoffice@aol.com.