The CIRCLE, Inc (Community of Individuals Revisioning and Celebrating Life on Earth) welcomes you to our website!  Check out the pages that describe how CIRCLE came to be and the various Circles within CIRCLE as well as the principles by which we operate.  Below is a list of the calendar of events through June of 2017.


CIRCLE Calendar

(all events are held in the yurt in Fishers unless otherwise noted)

*    Mar 20  Spring Equinox 7pm bring a snack to share 
*W Mar 28  Womens Circle 6:30-8:30pm  Healing Circle
*M April 6  Men's Circle 7pm
*   April 7   Shamans Circle 7pm
*  Apr 23    Childrens Lodge 2:30-4pm
*W Apr 25  Womens Circle 6:30-8:30pm 
*  May 1    May Day  7pm bring a snack to share
*M May 4  Men's Circle 7pm
*   May 5   Shaman's Circle 7pm
*W May 23 Womens Circle 6:30-8:30pm
*    May 28 Childrens Lodge 2:30-4pm
*M June 1  Men's Circle 7pm
*   Jun 2     Shamans Circle 7pm
*   Jun 20   Summer Solstice Celebration 7pm bring a snack to share
*  Jun 26    Childrens Lodge 2:30-4pm
*  Jun 27    Womens Circle 6:30-8:30pm



* donation only  W women only M men only

For more information on any events or directions please call 585-943-1180 or email circleincoffice@aol.com.